Thought of the Day June 27, 2023 Cost of discipleship

By 11:05 AM

 Several years ago, a cartoon was making the rounds. It showed a Roman arena packed with spectators. On the floor of the arena was a group of people surrounded by lions. Amid the crowds in the stands were two people, highlighted by the artist to let us know one of them was speaking to the other. The caption read, "I’m a Christian, myself, but I'm not fanatical about it." 

Unfortunately, this may be the attitude of many who call themselves Christian. It is like a membership card that may get you certain special treatments, but only used if it is beneficial. How does this picture fit in with the teachings of Jesus on discipleship? For him, to be a disciple of his one must be all in, not half in and half out. Those who were partial disciples left when things got too demanding. Lukewarm disciples are spewed out by Jesus. The defining moment of any disciple of Jesus is the cross. "If you are not willing to take up your cross daily and follow me, you cannot be my disciple." Are we following the Lord? Are we following what is convenient for us? A disciple doesn't hide his relationship with Jesus. If we are ashamed of him, he will be ashamed of us before his Father. The disciple follows Jesus on the narrow road that leads to life and avoids the wide road that leads to destruction. Discipleship is a free call and a free response.

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