Thought of the Day Jun 26, 2023 Do not judge

By 10:42 AM


According to a fable, The Two Bags, written by Aesop that: According to ancient lore, every man is born into the world with two bags suspended from his neck, one in front and one behind, and both are full of faults. But the one in front is full of his neighbors faults; the one behind full of his own. Consequently, men are blind to their own faults but never lose sight of their neighbors.

Jesus addresses a similar situation in his teaching on not judging others. We are to condemn objective sin, not the subjective person. But we should start with our own sins first. For when we condemn our own sins, we don't have time to condemn the sins of another. The true judge of everyone is God. If we want God to be merciful to me, a sinner, I need to be merciful to the other, who is a sinner like me. Instead of judging the other, we should pray for the other and for ourselves not to sin.

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