Thought of the Day February 19, 2024 Love involves seeing Christ in the other

By 10:27 AM

 "Essentially, there are two kinds of people, because there are two kinds of love. One is holy , the other is selfish. One is subject to God, the other endeavors to equal Him." St. Augustine

Jesus makes love the basic response to God's infinite, unmerited love for us. This love is a response, not a pay back, to God's love. Jesus simplified the Ten Commandments by saying the first is love God with our whole being and the second is to love our neighbor as God has loved us. Jesus further specifies the love of neighbor by saying "what you do the least you do to me....what you did not do to the least, you did not do it to me." Every human being is created in the image and likeness of God. Every human being has been redeemed by the death and resurrection of Jesus.  As a result, we are called to perfect our ability to see Christ in our neighbor, no matter the person's race, status, class, looks or deeds. Each person is loved and held  in esteem by God. We grow in holiness to the extent we see and treat the other as if that person was Jesus. What does this do to our Lenten observance?

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