Thought of the Day February 5, 2024 Lent and sin

By 11:16 AM

 What will you do during the season of Lent to prepare for the renewal of your Baptismal promises at Easter? The focus of the first three promises refer to reason Jesus suffered and died for us on the cross. He gave his life so that we may be freed from the bondage of sin. So, the first three questions are: "Do you reject Satan? And all his works? And all his empty promises?" Thus, the focus of our Lenten journey is the areas of sin in our lives. If what we choose to do during Lent does not address this block to our relationship with God, then our Lent will be fruitless. Our renewal of promises at Easter will be mere lip service. But if our focus is to uproot the source of our sins, even if we don't succeed a hundred percent, the grace of Lent will have been effective in our lives. So, what will you do?

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