Thought of the Day February 23, 2024 New life

By 10:40 AM

 Lent is a time for something to die and something to rise. It is a time of new life. The old leaven of sin is to be destroyed, so that the new leaven can bring new life. It is no wonder that Lent begins in winter and ends in spring. We see the barren trees sprout new leaves. If we are truly to experience new life at Easter with the Risen Christ, the sin that makes us barren and fruitless needs to be put to death, so that new life may burst forth. If this is not our focus during this season of grace, our Easter will be interiorly barren. Our renewal of Baptismal promises will be mere lip service. There will not have been a transformation. It is still early to make Lent what it is meant to be.

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