Thought of the Day February 27, 2024 By his blood we are redeemed

By 2:05 PM

 We have been saved by the Blood of the Lamb. Let us reflect on this mystery. Why did Jesus shed his blood as part of our salvation? First of all, we are cleansed and washed from the defilement of sin, which we have incurred through our disobedience to the will of God. The people of the Old Testament splashed blood on the lentils of their doors, so that the angel of death would pass over them and not enter. The priests would sprinkle blood upon them to ritually purify them. But their sins remained. Our sins are removed from us, not because of anything we did, but what Jesus did in our name. By his blood we are redeemed and set free. Because of who Jesus is and what he has done for is, his blood is sacred.

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