Thought of the Day February 29, 2024 The humility of Jesus

By 10:32 AM

 During this season of Lent we meditate on the Passion and Death of Jesus for our salvation. What do we learn from his embracing the cross of suffering? First of all, we recognize his sublime humility. He submitted to the cruel tortures, mockeries, insults and indignities without uttering a cry of retaliation. From the betrayal kiss of Judas, the scourging and crowing of thorns, the buffets, the mockery of a trial, the false accusations, and the inhumanity of crucifixion. He suffered all humbly, because there was something greater to be achieved, our salvation. How often we retaliate at the slightest indignity or affront, rather than silently accepting it, knowing the truth of who we are and what we have done. Lord, help me to learn how to imitate your humility.

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