Thought of the Day May 12, 2016

By 2:53 PM

Jesus, you told us that, if we love you and kept your word, you and the Father would dwell within us. Mystery and revealed reality! You also said that you would be with us till the end, for you are Emmanuel, God with us. Mystery and revealed reality! You promised that the Holy Spirit, whom  you and the Father will send, will be with us and remain within us. Mystery and reality!  My first response is "Lord, I am unworthy to be the temple of your indwelling presence because of my sinfulness." That is the reality! But my second response is "Give me the grace to acknowledge this mystery and to appropriately respond to this reality by my life." May St. Paul's words truly resonate at the core of my being: "I live now, not I but Christ lives in me." Mystery!

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