Thought of the Day May 30, 2016

By 11:58 AM

What is the difference between despair, presumption and repentance? It is the place of hope. The o ne who despairs lacks hope that things can change. This person sees himself beyond the grasp of even God. The focus is self-unworthiness. There is only deeper darkness. On the other hand, the one who is presumptuous has false hope in himself, thinking no matter what he does, God will take care of him in the end. In reality his hope is not in God but in himself. Both, the one who despairs and the one who is presumptuous, have a distorted view of reality. But the person who is repentant sees things as they are. He admits the sin he has committed but turns to God in the hope of His promise of mercy and forgiveness. The difference between Judas and Peter was their response to God's grace. Judas despaired and turned away from it. Peter repented and received the healing power of God's mercy.  Let true hope be an eternal light within us, helping us to keep our eyes on the Lord.

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