Thought of the Day May 23, 2016

By 10:24 AM

"When I am weak, then I am strong." This paradoxical statement of St. Paul may be hard to understand. From early childhood we are taught that strength is better than weakness. To be weak is humanly frowned upon. Yet, Paul is speaking from a spiritual perspective. Before God in myself I am weak. In God and with God I am strong. When I can empty myself of my stand alone self importance, then God can fill me with true strength. When I am full of self, I cannot be full of God at the same time. But when I empty the false self, then God can reveal to me my true self in him. I cannot love unless I am first loved by God. I cannot save myself, only in God I am saved. My real, authentic strength is in God. In him I can do all things. Without him I can do nothing of eternal value.

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