Thought of the Day May 6, 2016

By 11:30 AM

“It is by the Holy Spirit that we love those who are united to us in Christ. The more plentifully we have received of the Spirit of Christ, the more perfectly we are able to love them: and the more we love them the more we receive the Spirit. It is clear, however, that since we love them by the Spirit Who is given to us by Jesus, it is Jesus Himself Who loves them in us.” (Thomas Merton) Do we see the connection that Jesus made, when he taught us how important love is and how important the presence of the Holy Spirit is in our lives? Authentic love is the greatest gift of the Spirit, according to St. Paul. If we need to grow in our love for God and others, ask the Holy Spirit for a fresh outpouring of his gift in our lives. He desires to give it to the extent of the openness we provide him.

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