Thought of the Day May 9, 2016

By 10:09 AM

Holy Spirit, you are the teacher, sent by the Father and the Son to reveal to us the deeper insights of the sacred truths of revelation. Someone has used the illustration of the life of a rose bud to help us better understand your workings.  The bud contains the fullness of the rose in all its beauty and wonder. Initially, we cannot see this fullness, only in time does it develop with proper watering, sunlight, fertilizer, etc. So it is with the revealed truths from God. In Jesus all truth has been revealed. In you, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, we are given in time the fuller understanding of the mystery, as well as the gift of being able to explain this truth to others. Thus, the understanding of the apostles was different than the theologians of the Middle Ages and different from our understanding of today and of the generations to come. The truth remains the same, but there is a development of understanding, inspired by you, that continues until the end. Holy Spirit, continue to teach us. Help us to be docile to your inspiration.

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