Thought of the Day May 20, 2016

By 11:09 AM

Jesus was truly free. His freedom was rooted in his spiritual awareness that he was the Beloved Child of God. He knew in the depth of his being that he belonged to God before he was born, that he was sent into the world to proclaim God's love, and that he would return to God after his mission was fulfilled. This knowledge gave him the freedom to speak and act without having to please the world and the power to respond to people's pains with the healing love of God.  (Henri Nouwen)  If Jesus found his freedom in his identity as the Beloved Son of God, is not our true freedom also found in our baptism identity as a son or daughter of God?  Claim this identity and live out of this identity if you want to be free. The father of lies try to rob us of this identity so that he can enslave us. The Spirit of Truth on the other hand reminds us of our truly identity and freedom.

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