Thought of the Day May 31, 2016

By 10:28 AM

As we reflect on Mary's Visitation to Elizabeth, what do we learn? First, the obedience of Mary to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Lord, may I be both attentive and prompt in my response. Second, even though Mary is given great news of God's working in her, her focus was not on herself but on the other, Elizabeth. Lord, may I too respond to your grace by turning to the other. Thirdly, did Mary experience a stirring in her own womb when she greets Elizabeth, as her cousin did? I would not be surprise. Fourthly, Mary's response to Elizabeth's praise was to recognize that it is God who is to be praised as she magnifies the Lord. I too desire to praise you, Lord, for what you have and are doing in me. Fifthly, Mary stayed with Elizabeth for three months, humbly serving and caring for Elizabeth and Zachariah. May I always have a servant's heart.

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