Thought of the Day September 13, 2017 Shame vs Repentance

By 2:37 PM

“Be ashamed when you sin, don't be ashamed when you repent [To repent means to have a change of heart and mind. It is not simply a feeling of sorrow, but a psycho/spiritual growth away from evil/death and a turning to God/life]. Sin is the wound, repentance is the medicine. Sin is followed by shame; repentance is followed by boldness [Boldness means to beg God for undeserved mercy]. Satan has overturned this order and given boldness to sin and shame to repentance.” (St. John Chrysostom) Yes, we need to be ashamed when we sin. But it should be a shame that leads us to repentance and conversion. To stay in shame and condemnation is the work of the Evil One. The grace of repentance is the gift from God always available. Peter was ashamed he denied Jesus, but embraced the grace of repentance and love which freed him from any self-condemnation.

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