Thought of the Day September 6, 2017 Surrender to the Lord

By 9:17 AM

To surrender or yield to the Lord does not violate the gift of free will. To freely choose to be in the will of God, to freely unite my imperfect will with God's perfect will is to properly exercise the gift I have been given. We do not lose our freedom. We enhance it and perfect it by using it properly in the way it was intended to be used. The eye utilizes light to see an object clearly. The stronger the light the clearer the details of the object become to the eye. For the eye to focus on the object without the aid of the light could cause eventual damage to the eye. Yielding our will to the Lord is to look at things in the light of God and choosing them according to his plan and purpose. To look at things without the light of God is to be out of sync with the proper order of things and thus out of proper relationship with the Source of all things.

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