Thought of the Day September 28, 2017 The grace of remorse

By 10:09 AM

Remorse is not simply remembering something from the past but something that remains an open wound which needs healing. "It is an open wound, which, when we have done something wrong in our life, pains us. But it is a hidden wound, unseen even by me, because I get used to carrying it around and anesthetizing it. It is there and some touch it, but it remains in them. When it hurts, we feel remorse. I am not only aware of having done evil, but I also feel it in my body, in my soul and in my life. And I feel the temptation to cover it and not feel it anymore....We must 'baptize' this open wound, that is give it a name...Then pray for God's mercy....The grace of remorse is a grace of salvation." (Pope Francis) To finally complete the process, we need to surrender it to the Lord for his healing forgiveness and touch. When we fail to name it and surrender it, we merely open the wound once more.

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