Thought of the Day September 22, 2017 The victory of the cross

By 9:36 AM

When The Word embraced our humanity through his self-emptying, he enhanced and dignified our humanity. The Original Fall of our ancestors, with its consequences, cloudied the dignity of the human person. By uniting the two natures--divine and human--in the one divine person, Jesus, the servant, gave us true meaning again. Life is worth living because life does not end with death but continues into eternity. Our actions are of value because through them we can imitate the life of Jesus--a life of love and service to others for his sake. In fact, because of Jesus, nothing is lost, nothing is without meaning and purpose, nothing is inconsequential. Jesus stated it clearly: "I assure you, as often as you did it for one of my least..., you did it for me" (Mt 25:40).

The same is true with the ultimate sign of emptying and servanthood, the humiliation of the cross. What before Jesus was feared and hated--the cross, and worse, death on the cross, becomes a sign of victory and a standard of life for true followers of Jesus.

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