Thought of the Day September 7, 2017 Attitude of surrender

By 9:52 AM

To surrender our will to the Lord is not so much an action to accomplish as much as an attitude out of which we live. It is an attitude of letting go, of a living yes in the present moment. of not resisting the move of the Spirit leading me to a true good. This absence of resistance is based on the realization that God truly loves me and that I can trust in his plan for me even when I do not see nor understand.

This attitude of surrender reflected in the absence of resistance is seen the lives of different spiritual heros in and out of scripture. It is an attitude that is based on a growing relationship between God and the individual. Take Abraham for instance. After many trials and errors, many signs and confirmations, God told Abraham to take Isaac his son and sacrifice him on the mountain of the Lord. Even though God had given Isaac to Abraham and Sarah after many years of waiting for the fulfillment of the divine promises, Abraham does not resist this new request. He does not understand God's plan, but trusts that only if he is obedient to the will of God will he be in union with that plan and see the promised blessings fulfilled. God did not want the death of Isaac but the submission and trust of Abraham in God's ultimate plan.

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