Thought of the Day January 18, 2021 Prayer of praise

By 9:59 AM

As we continue our journey into this New Year 2021, we may find ourselves somewhat overwhelmed by what is happening in the world around us. We have the medical uncertainty of the spreading effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. Many people have died. We find ourselves as a nation living in a political nightmare of destruction and disunity. Many people have lost their source of income and are struggling to survive. There is a faith crisis among many as they question the relevance of organized religion.

Dark times and dire circumstances have been the lot of mankind from the beginning. And yet, there is a light that breaks through again and again. Strange as it may seem, this light is the prayer of praise. The Psalms became that light for the Chosen People, especially the hymns of praise. Instead of only petitioning God to deliver them from their oppressors, they turned to the Lord with words of praise and thanksgiving. For a start, today, pray one of the following psalms: psalm 148, 149, or 150 as part of your prayer time with God.

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