Thought of the Day January 7, 2021 In him alone

By 10:09 AM

"When one day I resolved to practice a certain virtue, I lapsed into the vice opposed to that virtue ten times more frequently than on other days. In the evening, I was reflecting on why, today, I had lapsed so extraordinarily, and I heart the words: 'You were counting too much on yourself and too little one me.' And I understood the cause of my lapse." (St. Faustina)

How true! It is the old human experience of wanting to do it alone without any help. And yet, God tells us that he . is with us for a purpose. He shows us that with, in and for him we can do all things, but without him or him on the sidelines is the path to failure. We can't overcome sin on our own. We need his grace which keeps us focus on him and not ourselves. We can't grow in virtue and holiness on our own, no matter how hard we try. It is in growing in and remaining consciously in his love that we can improve. Only in surrendering ourselves into his hands can we, in time, see the fruits of union with him. So let's begin now, today and each moment to say and live our "yes" to God.

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