Thought of the Day January 26, 2021 Grow in intimacy with God

By 10:24 AM

The call to be a disciple of Jesus is the call to become holy as our Heavenly Father is holy. What is holiness but entering more fully into the intimacy of his divine love. Is it a wonder that after three years of personal relationship with Jesus, that the Risen Savior gave Peter his final test before entrusting him with his mission as a fisher of men? The test was simple: "Peter, do you remember the times I have shown you love? Do you love me as I have loved you?" Peter responded that he loved Jesus but his love was not perfected yet. Jesus accepts this response, for Peter's formation as a disciple will not be complete until the disciple's final act of love, to totally surrender his life for Jesus.

Are we growing in love as a disciple? The same question Jesus asked Peter is the same test he gives us at different times of our journey as his disciple. And it will be the first and final question when we meet Jesus in judgment. He is not going to "what kind of a disciple were we?", but is your love perfected. Our intimacy in eternity will be the same level of our intimacy on earth. Now is the time, not to slack in our efforts to respond, but to become more intentional in our desire to grow in intimacy with God.

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