Thought of the Day January 27, 2021 The cost of discipleship

By 10:47 AM

Jesus formed the disciples who sought greater intimacy with him. those who were revolving-door disciples, he allowed to come and go, like those who couldn't accept some of his teaching and expectations. It was too hard for them. Peter also admitted that following Jesus was costly. But he came to the conviction: "To whom shall we go. You have the words of everlasting life. You are the Holy One of God."

Have there been times we wanted to bail out, because of the cost of being a disciple? Like climbing a steep mountain. Initially it is easy, but the closer we come to the summit, the more it takes out of us. Being a disciple of Jesus is not running a hundred yard sprint on one lap of a relay. It is a marathon endeavor. We don't have to set a record. Just finish the course. As we read, reflect and implement the formative teachings of Jesus, the more we will be living true discipleship. We will finish the race, receiving, not a wreath but a crown of glory. The words of welcome from Jesus will give great comfort. "Welcome, beloved disciple. You have fought the good fight. You have finished the race." Remain on course.

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