Thought of the Day January 8, 2021 New beginning

By 10:15 AM

"We must learn to live each day, each hour, yes, each minute as a new beginning, as a unique opportunity to make everything new. Imagine that we could live each moment as a moment pregnant with new life. Imagine that we could live each day as a day full of promises. Imagine that we could walk through the new year always listening to a voice saying to us: "I have a gift for you and can't wait for you to see it!" Imagine! (Henri Nouwen) 

Is this too far fetch to imagine? If we can imagine the worst so easily, why can't we imagine the best as well? It begins with how we perceive life, each day, each hour, each minute. God has a gift, a grace to give us if we are open to receive it. However, because of our negativity, our interpretation of past experiences, we do not believe that God has something good for us. Our hands are closed, like our heart, and thus there is no openness to the surprises of God. We may not perceive God's grace every minute, but if we remain open rather than closed, when he gives us the gift of grace, we will be able to receive it. Life can be a new beginning or it can be the same old drudgery of the past. The difference is me. 

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