Thought of the Day March 11, 2021 Lazy or zealous heart

By 10:04 AM

"Do you struggle with a lazy heart or a zealous one? If lazy, look at the effects of this in your life. The boredom and dissatisfaction you experience is a direct result. If, however, you are zealous and diligent in life, what is it you are zealous for? Reflect upon this honestly today and seek t grow in a burning zeal for the building up of the Kingdom of God" (St. Faustina).

What are our priorities in life? Is God the first priority? If so, our zeal will be focused on pleasing him in all things. Jesus was zealous for the Father, seeking to do the will of the Father as the first order of business in his life. Jesus had a normal life, did the normal things of life, but always made the Father's will the heart of his life. We can live a normal life, doing the normal things of life and we too can make the Father's will the heart of our life. As a result our life will not suffer from boredom or laziness. For each moment is a grace from God, inviting us to center it on him in whatever we do.

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