Thought of the Day March 8, 2021 Zeal for the Lord

By 1:19 PM

"Often we are preoccupied with the question 'How can we be witnesses in the Name of Jesus? What are we supposed to say or do to make people accept the love that God offers them?' These questions are expressions more of our fear than of our love. Jesus shows us the way of being witnesses. He was so full of God's love, so connected with God's will, so burning with zeal for God's kingdom, that he couldn't do other than witness. Wherever he went and whomever he met, a power went out from him that healed everyone who touched him. If we want to be witnesses like Jesus, our only concern should be to be as alive with the love of God as Jesus was" (Henri Nouwen).

In this past Sunday's Gospel we read that zeal for God's house consumed Jesus. Because of his intimate love of the Father, Jesus reacted to the commercialism that had overshadowed true worship of God in the Temple. He was not concerned with the reaction of the authorities. His love for the Father and his desire that the Father be worship in spirit and truth far outweighed any concerns others may have. How zealous are we for what is pertains to God? Do we let human reactions stand in our way in doing the will of God? Lent is a grace-time to return to the Lord, no matter the cost.

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