Thought of the Day March 4, 2021 Obedience sets us free

By 10:41 AM

"Obeying God is listening to God, having an open heart to follow the path that God points out to  us. Obedience to God is listening to God and it set us free" (Pope Francis).

Even though Peter and his companions at Jesus' transfiguration heard the voice of God telling them to listen to the words of Jesus concerning his suffering and death as Messiah, they were not able to. Why? They knew Jesus but they didn't really know the real Jesus. Even though they acknowledged Jesus as the Christ, their understanding did not include a suffering Messiah, but a triumphant one. It was only after the death and resurrection of Jesus and the coming of the Holy Spirit, that their minds were open and their hears transformed. So much so, that in the face of being threatened by the Sanhedrin, if they did not stop preaching Jesus as the Messiah, Peter's response was: "It is better for us to obey God than to obey men". Peter embraced the true freedom that comes with obeying God. How obedient are we in all matters that pertain to our relationship with him?

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