Thought of the Day March 12, 2021 To breathe God in and out

By 10:10 AM

 “Our life is: ‘To breathe God in and out. To find God in everything. To reveal God  to all. To radiate the presence of God’” (St. Vincent Pallotti). 

What a high bar to aim for! Yet, isn't this another way of saying that we are called to love God with our whole mind, strength and soul? Isn't this also saying that God is to be the center of our every action? As we move closer to the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus, we are called to double our efforts by consciously doing all that we do in, for and with God. Yes, the bar is high. But even  if we do not reach it, at least we are closer to the life God seeks us to live: a life in union with him by his grace.

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