Thought of the Day March 26, 2021 My God, my God, why have your forsaken me"?

By 9:53 AM

"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"

Jesus has been on the cross for some time now. Though Jesus is sinless, the weight of sin and its emptiness overwhelms him. He experiences the depth of separation which sin causes between a person and God. This sense of abandonment was perhaps the greatest pain that Jesus endured for our sake. Even though in fact and in faith, the Son of God could never be separated from the Father, becoming sin for us has its toll on Jesus. God did not forsake the first Adam even though he sinned, nor did God forsake Cain, nor the Chosen People when they broke the Covenant. God has never forsaken his people because of their sin. Would he forsake his sinless Son even though he has taken on the sin of humanity? If God did not forsake the first Adam will he forsake the second Adam? It is not abandonment but love. The Father loved the Son and the Son loved the Father. It is also out of love for us that God allowed Jesus to experience the darkness of sin. 

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