Thought of the Day March 24, 2021 Woman, behold your son

By 10:24 AM


"Woman, behold your son. Son behold your mother.” 

I offer this insight into this moment in Jesus’ life in relation to his earthly mother. To complete the total gift of himself to the Father, Jesus heeded his own words to the disciples. He let go even the most natural human relationship--that between a mother and her son. “Whoever loves father or mother, son or daughter, more than me is not worthy of me.” Jesus was speaking of the separation of affections, not that we are not to love those closest to us, but that not even these can be first in our lives. As comforting as Mary’s presence is, even this Jesus forsakes to fully experience the separation and emptiness sin brings about. There was no denial of this bond with his mother, but the acknowledgement that the greatest bond is between him and God. There was a higher love in his life, a love that has motivated his whole life—his love for his Father.

Another deeper meaning is embedded in the words of Jesus.  Mary was given to be the spiritual mother of all those saved by Jesus. Thus, she is called the Mother of the Church. Under the cross she, by God’s divine plan, became the mother of those who believe in Jesus, sharing in his Divine life. As a mother, she formed Jesus from infancy to adulthood. As our mother Mary desires to form us as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, leading us to him and instructing us to do whatever he tells us.

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