Thought of the Day March 5, 2021 Jesus, mentor and model of obedience

By 10:38 AM

"Jesus is the obedient one. The center of his life is this obedient relationship with the Father. This may be hard for us to understand because the word obedience has so many negative connotations in our society. It makes us thinks of authority figures who impose their wills against our desires. It makes us remember unhappy childhood events or hard tasks performed under threats of punishment. But none of this applies to Jesus' obedience. His obedience means a total fearless listening to his loving Father. Between the Father and the Son there is only love" (Henri Nouwen).

Obedience to God is based on a relationship of love, not understanding, not rationale, nor proof. Because of who God is and all he has done for me out of love, my obedience is a sign of my loving trust in him. He owes me no explanation or justification. He is his word. If I can't trust his word, then whom can I trust, including myself? I have made mistakes and others have also. But God is Truth himself. Jesus in his humanity trusted in the Father because of his love. Can I have a greater mentor to follow or motive?

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