Thought of the Day December 16, 2021 The indwelling presence of God

By 9:56 AM

If we are living in relationship with God, sharing in his divine life, then God lives within us. How conscious are we of the indwelling presence of God? To the extent that we are aware of and acknowledge this mystery of grace, to that extent we will look for God more interiorly than exteriorly. At the same time, to be in awe of his presence within will enable us to see more clearly the manifestations of his presence in the world around us. The Son of God became flesh in time to prepare us for his presence within us now and eternally. Jesus renews and strengthens his indwelling presence in us in Eucharist. He does this so that when I die will be sharing in God's divine life through his indwelling presence. Then his presence will engulf me eternally in his glory. Now, I see him imperfectly, then I will see him face to face. It begins with his indwelling presence. Thank you Jesus for this gift.

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