Thought of the Day December 29, 2021 The lesson of joy

By 10:19 AM

There are many lessons we can learn from meditating on the birth of Jesus. It is an event of great joy: the promised Savior has come as a little child. The angels rejoice as they announced the good news to the shepherds. The shepherds rejoice as they see the new born child and in faith believe the words of the angelic messengers. Mary and Joseph rejoice as they hold in their arms this child who is the Son of the Most High God. There is a natural joy at the birth of a child. But this child is different and the joy that he brings is different. Later, Simeon and Anna will rejoice, as they are led by the Holy Spirit to acknowledge and proclaim the true identity of this child. 

Do we also rejoice with the angels, the shepherds, Mary and Joseph? Do we rejoice because of the fulfillment of God's promise to the world to send a Savior? Do we rejoice that this Savior, Jesus Christ, loved us so much that he gave his life that we may have eternal life with God? If we do, then it is the joy that comes from the Holy Spirit to all those who recognize, accept and commit their lives to live in relationship with him. This joy nothing nor no one can take away from us, for it is not external but internal, based on a relationship of love with the source of Love. "Rejoice in the Lord, always!"

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