Thought of the Day December 3, 2021 Waiting with expectation

By 9:49 AM

Advent means waiting. It is not a passive waiting for an unknown but an expectant waiting for the fulfillment of a promise. The Chosen People of the Old Testament were awaiting the promised Messiah. They were to prepare the way for the Lord by a life faithful to their covenanted relationship with God. They were to wait with expectantly so they would not miss his coming. When he came, how many received him, only a few. Why? They were looking for a wrong Messiah.

Jesus has come. He has given his life for our life, saving us from eternal alienation from God. When he returned to the Father, he said he will come again for his followers. Are we waiting with expectant longing, remaining one with him? Or when he comes will he find us unprepared? No excuse will suffice. So while there is time in the present moment, let us be attentive to his coming with true expectancy and a life worthy of our call. 

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