Thought of the Day December 2, 2021 Gift for Jesus

By 10:11 AM

There comes to mind a passage of the life of a great Saint, Jerome, who had a temper, and tried to be meek, but that temper . . . because he was a Dalmatian, and Dalmatians are strong . . . He succeeded in controlling his way of being and so offered many things to the Lord, so much work. His greatest work was the translation of the Scriptures and codifying them. One Christmas he was in Bethlehem and asked the Lord what gift he could give Jesus for his birthday: “What do you want from me?” “You have not yet given Me everything.” “But Lord, I’ve given You this, and that and that . . .” “One thing is lacking.” “What is lacking?” “Give me your sins.”

What a strange request! But what is behind that request? Sometimes even though we confess our sins and receive absolution, we still wonder if God has really forgiven us. We don’t have that faith assurance that when Jesus forgives us he really does. This Christmas the gift that would truly please Jesus would be this gift. How can he be the Lord of our life if we don’t trust his word. Your sins are forgiven means exactly that. We will always remember our sins, but the conviction of his words of forgiveness should be stronger than our memory of sins. Our focus needs to be on his love and mercy in gratitude not on our faults and failures. 

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