Thought of the Day December 30, 2021 Humility and humiliations

By 10:54 AM

We have been reflecting on the lessons that the nativity scene teaches  us. Pondering like Mary, we have reflected on the lessons of love and joy. Today, we see the lesson of humility. What humility it took for the Son of God to become man, like us in all things but sin. He chooses to be born not in luxury, deserving of his person, but in a stable with the smell of barn animals. Mary and Joseph also teach us about humility. Both had their plans, but when asked, they humbly submitted to the plan of God. Mary said: "Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done to me according to your word."  To whom was the news of the birth of the promised Savior made known to but to poor, humble shepherds. 

This child and Mary and Joseph will endure humiliations. Simeon prophesied that the child would be a sign of contradiction and that Mary's heart would be pierced with a sword. These humiliations begin with the threat to the child's life and their flight into Egypt. As an adult, he is rejected and ridiculed, accused of being a devil, scourged, crowned with thorns and condemned to death by crucifixion as a common criminal. Mary experienced humiliations at foot of the cross, hearing the slanderous mockeries against her son and seeing his side pierced with a sword. Humility and humiliations were part of Jesus' life. As his disciples they are also part of our lives. Only with humility can one embrace humiliations.

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