Thought of the Day December 8, 2021 Graced and blessed

By 10:03 AM

"This important Marian feast (Immaculate Conception) occurs during Advent, a season of watchful and prayerful preparation for Christmas. She who knew better than anyone how to wait attentively for the Lord guides us and shows us how to make more vital and active our journey to the Holy Night of Bethlehem. With her, we spend these weeks in prayer and, guided by her bright star, hasten to make the spiritual journey that will lead us to celebrate the mystery of the Incarnation with greater intensity.” (Pope St. John Paul II)

By God's grace, Mary experienced the grace of redemption through the death and resurrection of Jesus at the moment of her conception in Anna's womb. She was so gifted in this unique way in lieu of her being chosen to be the Mother of the Savior. By God's grace, each of us experienced the grace of redemption at the moment of our baptism. We were so gifted and restored so that we can one day share God's life forever in glory. Mary remained sinless by grace throughout her life. Most of us, unfortunately, have fallen short by sinning again after baptism. During this season of preparation and expectation, Mary desires to guide us on our journey to the coming of Jesus anew in our lives. Her path is obedience to the will of God. Her attitude is the humble servant of the Lord. Her intention is to do all things in love. Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us.

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