Thought of the Day May 13, 2022 Easter to Pentecost

By 10:54 AM

 From Ash Wednesday to the Tridium, our focus is on the death and resurrection of Jesus, Our Lord and Savior. We culminate our Lenten journey on Easter Sunday, when we celebrate Jesus' impact on our lives by renewing our Baptismal promises. From Easter to Pentecost, our focus is on the Holy Spirit, who Jesus promised to send to sanctify, anoint, empower and mission us as disciple/witnesses. During this time we need to be praying for a fuller release of the gifts of the Spirit, given to us in Baptism and Confirmation. "Come, Holy Spirit, come in a fresh new way into my life." Let the life of the early Church, seen in the Acts of the Apostles be our reading and focus during this time. We culminate our Easter journey by celebrating the coming of the Holy Spirit. Having been renewed by the Spirit, we need to be more attentive to the grace moments that God provides us to witness and exercise the various gifts of the Spirit. These gifts are given to us for the up building of the Body of Christ, his people.

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