Thought of the Day May 6, 2022 The Lord is my Shepherd.

By 11:02 AM

"Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and ask him more directly to give you joy, peace, and a pure heart. Purity of heart means a heart where God is the center of your attention. Take a simple sentence like “The Lord is my shepherd there is nothing I shall want,” and repeat that quietly during the day until the truth of it enters the center of your being. You will always continue to have feelings of depression, anger, and restlessness, but when God dwells in the center of the storm, the storm is less frightening and you can live with trust that in the midst of all of the darkness you will be led to a place of joy and peace." (Henri Nouwen)

The Lord is our Shepherd. But to what extent do I believe and live in that reality? With all that is happening in our daily life, it is so easy to forget that the Lord is with us and within us. He is with us to lead us. But we must learn to be be aware of his leadership and follow him. He will lead us through the darkness and through the struggles of life. If we keep our eyes on him and follow him, we will be safe. If we take our eyes off him, it will be easy for us to go astray and get lost. He calls us by name, for each of us is important to him. The Gospel for this Sunday will be about Jesus, the Good Shepherd. Listen to it, reflect on it, live it.

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