Thought of the Day May 3, 2022 Does God care?

By 10:53 AM

 As we look at the situations of the world around us, we may sometimes wonder does God really care. How can there be so much destruction, disregard for human life, so much injustice, so much poverty and pain? Does God really care? Maybe the question is not does God really care, but do we really care? From the beginning God created all things good, including human beings. Then, came sin into the world at the will of human beings. God cared enough to promise to restore human beings back to the order of grace. Human beings continued to sin. God cared enough to become man, to give his life as a sacrifice of atonement for the sins of the world. He was falsely condemned to the cruelest of all deaths, crucifixion. He rose  from the dead and gave us a chance for a new start. God indeed cares. Do we care is the real question. If we choose to follow the way of the Lord, then we care. If we choose to follow the way of the world, flesh and devil, then we do not care. If we expect to continue our journey outside of relationship with God, why should we expect him to fix our mess. He cares enough to offer us the grace of repentance and restoration. He has not abandoned us. But have we abandoned God by choosing sin over him? As an individual I cannot change the world, but I can change myself in grateful response to God's loving care for me.

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