Thought of the Day May 26, 2022 Our Advocate and Comforter

By 10:45 AM

Jesus calls the promised Holy Spirit, our Advocate, who will stand by our side defending us, as he is the Spirit of truth. In another context Jesus said that we don't have to worry what to say in times of trials, but the Spirit will give us the words to say. It is comforting to know that we are not alone, that God is living with us, in us and guiding our journey to him.


Here is what Pope Francis said about this title of the Holy Spirit. "All of us, particularly at times of difficulty like those we are presently experiencing due to the pandemic, look for consolation. Often, though, we turn only to earthly comforts, ephemeral comforts that quickly fade. Today, Jesus offers us heavenly comfort, the Holy Spirit…In Jesus’ day, advocates did not do what they do today: rather than speaking in the place of defendants, they simply stood next to them and suggested arguments they could use in their own defense. That is what the Paraclete does…He does not take our place but defends us from the deceits of evil by inspiring thoughts and feelings.”


Not only should this be a constant comfort to us, but it should bring us an inner joy, which is a fruit of the Spirit. Thank you, my Advocate and Comforter, my Defender and the source of my life. Help me to be more attentive to your presence and grace.


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