Thought of the Day November 1, 2022 Long for life in Christ eternally

By 10:58 AM


"Come, let us at length spur ourselves on. We must rise again with Christ, we must seek the world which is above and set our mind on the things of heaven. Let us long for those who are longing for us, hasten to those who are waiting for us, and ask those who look for our coming to intercede for us. We should not only want to be with the saints, we should also hope to possess their happiness. While we desire to be in their company, we must also earnestly seek to share in their glory. Do not imagine that there is anything harmful in such an ambition as this; there is no danger in setting our hearts on such glory." (St. Bernard)

As we celebrate this Solemnity of All Saints, I share with you this quote. Our purpose in this life is to share eternally in the life of God, which we were gifted with in Baptism. If this is not the desire of our hearts, then in reality we are wasting our time on things that will have no positive, lasting impact in our lives. In the words of Jesus, "What profit is there to gain the whole world, but in the end lose your soul.?" The saints have won the victory and are interceding for us before God that one day we may share with them in the presence of God. Don't disappoint yourself. Don't disappoint them. Above all, after what God has done for us, don't disappoint God. Run the race to receive the crown of glory.

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