Thought of the Day November 3, 2022 Be children of the light.

By 10:21 AM

 St. Paul reminds us that we are children of the light, not of the darkness. What does that mean? The darkness he is referring to is the darkness within us that comes from sin in our lives. The light is the life of Christ within us. To the extent that Christ's life is in us to that extent the darkness is dispelled. Jesus tells us that we are the light of the world that must be seen by others. If there is more darkness than light, how can we make a difference. Unfortunately, some of us are more people of the dusk, some light but more darkness. We should be more the people of the twilight, growing in light, less darkness. The five wise virgins had their lamps trimmed and ready to welcome the bridegroom. The five foolish virgins let their lamps go out. Each of these different illustrations have the same meaning. Strive to live more in the light and life of Christ now, so that when he comes for us, we can live in his eternal light of glory.

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