Thought of the Day November 29, 2022 Jesus' second coming

By 11:34 AM

 Yesterday, we focused on the past coming of Jesus in time. There is another coming that we profess in the Creed every Sunday, namely Jesus' coming at the end of time in glory. He will come to judge the living and the dead. In his first coming many did not receive him. He still died on the cross to save everyone. In his final coming in the future he will finalize the eternal life of everyone. Those who lived and died in Christ in their life time will hear the confirming word: "Well done, share in my Father's presence at the banquet of plenty." Those who did not receive him or share in his life in the years of their earthly existence will hear these words confirming their decision. "Depart from me into the everlasting darkness of unfulfillment." That day will be great for those who lived in him but horrible for those who did not. His judgment is an affirmation of our life-decisions. He does not have to condemn. We have done it ourselves, if we failed to receive him in this life. Lord, may I welcome you in this life so you can welcome me in the next.

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