Thought of the Day November 23, 2022 Gratitude

By 12:04 PM

 What are you thankful for? I am thankful to God for all the blessings he has poured upon me, not only this past year, but from the moment of my conception until now. I will know all those blessings when I see God face to face. I am thankful that one day, by his grace and mercy, I will see him and be with him. I thank God for creating me, sustaining me redeeming me, baptizing me adopting me as his child,  sharing his own divine life, and calling me to be his priest and bishop. I am grateful for all the people, beginning with my parents and family, God has put in my life to form me and walk with my in this journey to him. I am grateful for the many divine appointments God has given me to witness to people about his love for them. I am grateful for friends who have shown me God's love. I am grateful for the freedoms and conveniences I enjoy as a citizen of this country. Lord, thank you. May I continue to be grateful for everything that comes from your bounty and love.

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