Thought of the Day November 25, 2022 Citizens of heaven

By 9:55 AM


"How unreasonable it is to pray that Gods will be done, and then not promptly obey it when he calls us from this world! Instead we struggle and resist like self-willed slaves and are brought into the Lords presence with sorrow and lamentation, not freely consenting to our departure, but constrained by necessity. And yet we expect to be rewarded with heavenly honors by him to whom we come against our will! Why then do we pray for the kingdom of heaven to come if this earthly bondage pleases us? What is the point of praying so often for its early arrival if we would rather serve the devil here than reign with Christ." (St. Cyprian)

As we come to the end of another liturgical year, we are reminded that our home is not here. We are citizens of heaven by virtue of Baptism. How often we see people forgetting this truth, especially at the time of their dying! And yet the attitude that we should hope to have when the Lord comes for us is looking forward to fulfilling our purpose for existence. God created us that we may be with him eternally in glory. Leaving our earthly family for a period, should not hold us back. For one day we will see and be with each other in the presence of God, if we have lived in his presence on our journey. Like Paul, we should be running with conviction towards the prize of life eternal. 

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