Thought of the Day November 2, 2022 The last lap of the race

By 11:41 AM

 We remember today all the souls who have gone before us, who died in Christ, but are not in final glory. They are in the final stage of purification. They have seen God and now they yearn with greater eagerness to be stripped of any baggage that still clings to them so that they enter into God's presence. Our prayers support them in this stage. Our prayers are signs of our love for them. The existence of Purgatory is a mystery of our faith. Though Jesus has redeemed us and forgiven us of all our sins through his death and resurrection, the effects of sin may still remain after death. To enter into the full presence of God, we need to be purified of any residue of non-love within us. To be in Purgatory means that one is on the last lap in the race to the finish line. All the angels and saints in heaven and those of us on earth are cheering them on. What a God we have to so provide for us! May the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace soon.

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