Thought of the Day November 28, 2022 Jesus is the focus

By 10:11 AM

 As we begin this new Advent season, we again will reflect on the coming of Jesus. He came in time. "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us." This coming we will commemorate and celebrate on Christmas Day. In our celebration we can either be like Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds or like the populous in Bethlehem. The former opened their lives to believe and receive him into their hearts. "Mary pondered these things in her heart." Or we can be like the latter who provided no room in their hearts. They were too busy about the business aspect of the census crowd pouring into Bethlehem. What will be our focus this Advent? Will it be like Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds whose focus was on Jesus, centering everything around him? Or will it be like the many others in Bethlehem, centering on the externals, buying presents, decorating, preparing the food, entertaining? While Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds received Jesus, the others did not even know he had come. It is his birth we celebrate. Thus, he should be the main focus.

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