Thought of the Day January 18, 2023 The small things that count

By 10:14 AM


St. Francis de Sales in his Spiritual Diary said “the worst things that can befall persons who have good will is to want to be what they cannot be and not want to be what they necessarily must be. They conceive desires to do great things which perhaps will never be expected of them; in the meantime, they neglect the little things which God puts into their hands. There are thousands of acts of virtues as, for example, to bear little troubles and the imperfections of our neighbors; to suffer a biting word or some little injustice…..very seldom do we have the opportunity to gain large ‘sums,’ but we can daily earn little ones. And with the intelligent handling of these little ‘earnings,’ there are many who became rich”.

We look for the mother lode of a gold vein, but fail to see the specks of gold in front of us. It is in the fulfillment of the "small" things in our daily lives that we will experience the only important thing at the end of life. The journey of life is not made up of giant strides and leaps but in one small step at a time. Look for those small grace moments in each day--opportunities to be Christ to another person--if we wish to hear God say to us one day: "Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the Kingdom prepared for you."

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