Thought of the Day January 27, 2023 Negative indifference

By 10:33 AM

 St. Francis of Assisi appeared to be unable to think of anything but the passion of Jesus Christ; and, in thinking of it, he continually shed tears, so that by his constant weeping he became nearly blind. Being found one day weeping and groaning at the foot of the crucifix, he was asked the cause of his tears and lamentations. He replied: ”I weep over the sorrows and ignominies of my Lord. And what makes me weep still more is, that the men for whom he has suffered so much live in forgetfulness of him."

Unfortunately, this is all so true. It is sad that so many, who claim to be atheists and non believers, are ignorant of the depth of God's love for them. But it is sadder that so many, who have been baptized and confirmed, are living in a way that is an affront to the sufferings of Jesus for their sins. Each time we sin we added to the sufferings of Jesus, which he endured for our sake. He gave his life so that we would not have to suffer eternal alienation from God. And yet we refuse to change our ways.  Still, Jesus embraced the suffering of the cross, knowing that we will still choose sin over him. Rightly should we weep over our sins and the sins of all those who choose not to be transformed by the death and resurrection of Jesus.

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